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At Area9, we have devoted more than 20 years to the relentless pursuit of understanding how people think and learn – and how to improve it. Two decades of research have focused on human factors, learning, product development, content development and computer science.

The common thread is TECHNOLOGY + BRAINS.

We have systematically invested in “supercharging” humans through specialized software and technology. The reason is we know that humans combined with technology is a superior approach for each individual.
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Big data and deep learning dominate the landscape. The Internet of Things is changing the way we use electronics. Automation is already big and will become even bigger—without question. But we believe that what has been revolutionary will soon become standard. These land grabs, however, still address only part of the business challenges that companies and governments are facing. The post-big data era will be dominated by those companies that understand how to combine humans and human thinking with data, analytics and the Internet of Things.

Automation of business processes can be developed and deployed much faster and with much bigger impact if we enable experts to shape the solutions directly. In the same way, intelligent content and technology for education can be developed and deployed much faster and with bigger impact if we enable the best subject matter experts to shape the solutions directly. We believe this approach is needed everywhere—and the ramifications are far reaching.

After twenty years of working at this intersection, we have built platforms that allow humans to describe human thinking to computers. We have a deep understanding of how the brain works – and we are at the forefront of computer science. In these areas, using big data or analytics alone will not suffice. These efforts can be enhanced, but combining humans with the possibilities of the data era results in potential that is far larger than the two components individually.

Area9 Lyceum is by far our most ambitious endeavor to date. We have embarked on a journey to build the world’s most advanced technology to facilitate 21st century learning. Not only have we assembled a team of the world’s foremost experts to build a brand new adaptive sequencer (the core of adaptive and personalized content delivery), we are also building the world’s most advanced Integrated Content Development Environment as the basis for taking intelligent content to a whole new level.

Content will remain king. But it will be the intelligent content of the future, combined with everything we know about how content works that will bring more value than all the free content currently available. And we are going to use every tool in the toolbox, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, deep learning, small and big data – and all the other cutting-edge capabilities out there.

In medicine, nobody expects to receive the same treatment as the previous patient. In health care today, prevention and treatment of diseases take into account individual variability—genetics, environment, and lifestyle. This is called precision medicine. Similarly, we strive to deliver not just any content, but the best intelligent content that takes into account how each individual best learns, and do it in an environment in which we empower teachers to work their magic as only human teachers can. We call that precision learning.


Area9 Learning is our current company that develops learning technology for a number of industries incl. Healthcare, Construction, Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Industrials and Education.

It is also the company behind NEJM Knowledge+, JBJS Clinical Classroom, VKnowWine, Trackman University and several other partnerships.


Area9 is a Danish-owned group, which has two main business areas: Learning Technology, and High-Technology Computer Science for optimizing the humans value for companies in call centers, legacy systems migration and process optimization. Area9 Innovation, the computer science company, supplies technology globally to large companies such as banks, insurance companies and drug manufacturers in close collaboration with our strategic partner Cognizant. The new learning company, Area9 Lyceum, brings together all of the Group’s learning activities and IP rights including Area9’s majority shareholding in Area9 Learning, which is the world’s leading adaptive learning company in the business segment.

The names Lyceum & Rhapsode

We have named our education company Lyceum because of the great admiration for Aristotle and the principles he represented. Just read the following story from Wikipedia:In 335 BCE, Athens fell under Macedonian rule and Aristotle, aged 50, returned from Asia. Upon his return, Aristotle began teaching regularly in the morning in the temple Lyceum and founded an official school called “The Lyceum”. After morning lessons, Aristotle would frequently lecture on the grounds for the public and manuscripts of his compiled lectures were eventually circulated. Aristotle’s main focus as a teacher was cooperative research, an idea which he founded through his natural history work and systematic collection of philosophical works to contribute to his library. His students were assigned historical or scientific research projects as part of their studies. The school was also student run and the students elected a new student administrator to work with the school leadership every ten days, allowing all the students to become involved in turn In 322 BCE, Aristotle was forced to flee Athens with his family when the political leadership reacted against the Macedonians again and his previously published works supporting Macedonian rule left him a target. He passed on his Lyceum to Theophrastus and died later that year in Chalcis, near his hometown. 

Rhapsodes were the rappers of the time of Aristotle – stitching together songs and content to the taste of an audience. They adapted the content! That’s why we thought that Rhapsode would be a great name for our 4th generation adaptive and personalized platform:

The term “rhapsode” is derived from rhapsōidein (ῥαψῳδεῖν), meaning “to sew songs [together]”. This word illustrates how the oral epic poet, or rhapsode, would build a repertoire of diverse myths, tales and jokes to include in the content of the epic poem. Thus, it was possible, through experience and improvisatory skills, for him to shift the content of the epos according to the preferred taste of the specific audience. However, the outer framework of the epic would remain virtually the same in every “singing”, thus securing the projection of underlying themes such as of morality or honour. (From Wikipedia)



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Reality check with Jeanne Allen

Every teacher knows that children all learn differently, and yet our schools are designed to teach them all the same way. In this week’s Reality Check with Jeanne Allen, one of the world’s leading experts in Adaptive Learning explains how it’s changing training in the workplace, and how it can help schools too. Ulrik Juul Christensen, medical doctor and entrepreneur, explores the way computer science is meeting cognitive neuroscience at the cutting edge of educational theory.



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