Area9 Lyceum is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry leading team of 21st century learning scientists and innovators.

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Danish speaking Learning Engineer (temporary position for maternity leave replacement)

Area9 Lyceum is looking for talent to join our team of content curation and creation. We have a carefully crafted onboarding process teaching new employees our pedagogical principles so you do not need to have prior experience from the field. With us you can plan your own time and work remotely as long as you commit to us full time. Our teams are set up to support all kinds of combinations and work is very flexible.

Partner Channel Development, Global (excluding Americas)

We’re currently recruiting for an expert in the management and development of partner relationships. You’ll join a unique organization with a robust network of global partners. This role will focus specifically on partner relationships in EMEA and APAC, working closely with our President of Strategy Initiatives and COO. We’re creating an ecosystem of content partners, development partners, integration partners, and partners who are specialized by industry.


We accept applications from top performing students (minumum high school) or graduates who are interested in internships as assistant learning engineers or learning engineers to learn how to make adaptive learning programs.
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“The Area9 platform is a very powerful tool. It has enabled us to ensure our team members have the expertise and confidence to offer world class service across all of our distribution channels."
Nathan Gray
C.C. Filson Co.