Area9 Lyceum is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry leading team of 21st century learning scientists and innovators.

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We accept applications from top performing students (minumum high school) or graduates who are interested in internships as assistant learning engineers or learning engineers to learn how to make adaptive learning programs.

Implementation Success Consultant

Area9 Lyceum (“Area9”) leads the edtech industry with it’s best-in-class adaptive learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode. This platform helps both corporate and educational organizations accelerate learning, sustain mastery, and scale individualized instruction for large and/or geographically-dispersed learner groups. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, but we are a globally matrixed organization with high-performing teams in various countries around the world. Please explore our website to learn more.
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“Companies that don’t invest in teaching their people are destined to fail. Adaptive learning systems are a must-have for information-rich industries. Without these tools, it’s the equivalent of giving your people rotary phones when your competitors have smartphones.”
Ninth Secretary, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs