Area9 Lyceum is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry leading team of 21st century learning scientists and innovators.

Medical Learning Engineer

Area9 Lyceum is looking for talented Medical Learning Engineers to create impactful online learning for our clients in healthcare using our 4th generation adaptive platform, Rhapsode™. Our customers include leading healthcare universities, associations, as well as leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies from around the world.

Learning Engineer

Area9 Lyceum is looking for talent to join our team of content curation and creation. We have a carefully crafted onboarding process teaching new employees our pedagogical principles so you do not need to have prior experience from the field. 

STEM Learning Engineer

At the cutting edge of both corporate and K-20 education is adaptive learning – the ability to deliver a truly personalized learning experience online. Our adaptive technology enables people to learn faster and more efficiently by addressing each individual’s strengths and weaknesses using cloud-based software that works at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and computer science. Area9 Lyceum is looking for talent to join our team of content curation and creation. 


We accept applications from top performing students (minumum high school) or graduates who are interested in internships as assistant learning engineers or learning engineers to learn how to make adaptive learning programs.
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“Four-dimensional education provides a clear and actionable first-of-its-kind organizing framework of competencies needed for this century.”
Founder, Center for Curriculum Redesign
Visiting Scholar, Harvard University