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Upcoming Events

Dec 1-3

OEB Berlin 2021

Learn how adaptive learning can build 21st century skills and meet our Area9 Lyceum experts at Online Educa in Berlin.

Learntec 2022

How to discover knowledge gaps of your learners? How does sustainable learning work? And how can artificial intelligence improve it? Find out directly from our experts at Learntec 2021 in Karlsruhe!

Learning Technologies 2022

The unique approach of our adaptive learning platform Area9 Rhapsode™ mimics personal 1:1 tutoring of learners in a virtual environment. Meet the team at Excel in London to learn about the most innovative learning with Area9.

Previous Events

2021 Sept 15

NATO Training Technology Conference 2021

Eager to explore the Adaptive Learner Experience (LX)? Join Dr. Michael Noble at the 2021 NATO Training Technology Conference.
Michael J. Noble, PhDMichael J. Noble, PhD

Learning Live 2021

Meet us at the 2021 LEARNING LIVE Conference and discover how Area9 Rhapsode™ can transform your organization through the use of our personalized adaptive learning platform.
2021 Aug 29-Sept 1

ATD 2021

Area9 Lyceum is excited to return to ATD in 2021! Visit us at booth #683 and learn why adaptive learning can make a lasting impact on career and business outcomes.
2021 August 17

Webinar: How is AI Changing Health Education?

Join this live webinar with industry experts to discuss topics such as designing institutional AI strategy, trends in pre and post pandemic education, and AI-based adaptive learning systems.
2021 August 12

Future Proof Your Content: Area9 Lyceum Hackathon

Learn more about how adaptive learning can enable highly personalized e-learning for learners at all levels.
2021 August 8-10

ASU + GSV Summit 2021

Hear from CEO Ulrik Christensen, MD at the 2021 ASU + GSV Summit, bringing together renowned leaders and experts in the digital learning space.
Interested in Learning More?
“In our industry of engineering, sharing knowledge is key. Over the past 3 years, we have been able to offer eLearnings that matches not only the needs of our individual professionals but also the client’s organizational goals with the help of Area9. The excellent technical support by Area9 when creating content with us and the positive response from learners an internal stakeholders, has lead us to move up to the next level by participating in the Area9 Lyceum program. This will enable us become more flexible and deliver more personalized eLearnings with our technical and instructional expertise to learners worldwide.”
Charlotta Pot
Global Client Training & Development Lead, Inspection Services, Lloyd’s Register