AI – unreliable tool, or key to adaptive learning?

It’s been 18 months since ChatGPT was launched. It sparked a tidal wave of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but now the backlash has begun. Increasingly people point to hallucinations in Large Language Models, and inconsistent results using them. There’s a sense that creating L&D results using AI will be more difficult that we have hoped.

In this fireside chat, we take a different perspective on AI. A view that’s long term, deep, and extremely ambitious. Learning Technologies Conference Chair Donald H Taylor talks with Area9 founder Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen about using putting to use 20 years’ experience of AI.

  • The limits of using generative AI for content creation today
  • The real source of power in AI – your data, and your understanding
  • How adaptive learning goes far beyond mere content creation
  • Using AI to put people at the heart of learning


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