1997 Sophus Medical, a ground-breaking, computer-based medical simulation training company, is founded by Ulrik Juul Christensen and others. Develops the official first aid course for the Red Cross in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Denmark.

2002 Laerdal Medical acquires Sophus Medical and thus combines Laerdal’s core competences in production and distribution of emergency medicine training with Sophus Medical’s strengths in software development.

2005 Laerdal’s HeartCode becomes AHA’s most important adaptive learning platform for ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) & PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).

2006 Area9 is founded

2008 - 2014 Area9 partners with McGraw-Hill Education to deploy its adaptive learning technology. LearnSmart is an intelligent learning system which uses cognitive mapping to identify the student’s knowledge within a specific subject area and creates an individually adapted learning path. SmartBook is a digital version of the traditional textbook. It contains the same material, but in addition and unlike a traditional e-book, SmartBook tailors the material for each individual learner. Since 2010, more than 15 million learners have used LearnSmart and SmartBook (property of McGraw-Hill Education - acquired in 2014).

2014 Area9 Learning is created, dedicated to corporate training.

2014 NEJM Knowledge+ was launched in partnership with NEJM Group to create the most efficient, effective way for clinicians to prepare for board exams, earn CME and MOC, and engage in lifelong learning. NEJM Group is a division of The Massachusetts Medical Society, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine.

2014 Hitachi collaborates with Area9 to launch the world’s most advanced adaptive learning platform for corporate learning.

2015 Partnership with National Safety Council, the leading safety training organization in the US, offering adaptive courses.

2016 Area9’s client list grows to include organizations in a diverse range of sectors, including: energy, oil and gas, retail, automotive, transport, telecommunications, heavy industry, automotive and others.

January 2018:
Area9 Lyceum is founded

Area9 Lyceum is without a doubt our most ambitious venture so far. We are embarking on a journey where we will build the world’s most advanced technology to provide four-dimensional learning for the 21st century. We have gathered a team of the world’s leading experts in order to create a completely new adaptive sequencer (the core of providing adaptive and individualized content). Furthermore, we are creating the world’s most advanced content development platform, which is vital for setting new standards within intelligent content.

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“Training, on-boarding, and reskilling for diesel technicians must change to meet industry demands. Area9’s adaptive learning approach is transformational and critical to developing the next generation talent pipeline for diesel technicians."
Timothy Spurlock
President and Founder, American Diesel Training Centers