Activity Based Learning With The Programming Probe

Effective learning includes practice that mimics the real world.  That’s why Area9 Rhapsode™ provides a suite of customizable activity-based learning tools to put knowledge and skills into practice, collaborating with peers on real-world problems and scenarios.


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To master programming it requires not only learning the theory but also practice. Programming Probe in Area9 Rhapsode™ provides a way to get a lot of practice. Learners can write a program to solve a task, run for testing, inspect the results and iterate until satisfied. Rhapsode™ supports a wide range of programming languages from Bash, Java, Python, to VB.NET and much more.

You will learn:

  • the basic syntax of languages
  • how to fix compilation mistakes
  • about semantics and type systems
  • how to implement and bug-fix algorithms
  • to write programs that solve real problems

The end result has proven itself. Our programmers are productive in 2-4 weeks using this training program.


Activity Based Learning at Scale

  • The power of activity-based learning is that it fosters a collaborative and adaptive learning space.
  • Activity based probes can direct learners to give and receive feedback on a project, presentation, or other group activity. This opens the door for leveraging the scalability of adaptive learning technology.
  • The combination of acquiring knowledge and then putting it to use through activity-based learning in job-specific problems and scenarios makes training more efficient, effective and engaging.
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“We set out to create a truly innovative product that would be relevant and convenient to physicians. Area9, a physician-led company that is an innovator in interactive educational software, asked us to consider them as a partner, not a vendor. We did, and that partnership has been extremely successful.”
Chris Lynch
Vice President for Publishing, NEJM Group