What is Adaptive Learning?

Area9’s adaptive learning algorithms mimic the way viruses behave in nature: evolving moment-by-moment using trial and error as their environment changes. Our algorithms allow the learner to make mistakes and pursue misconceptions, closely mimicking real-world cognitive situations, and providing an effective and engaging experience.

By using a personalized approach to replicate one-to-one interaction in a digital environment, our adaptive learning models allow for efficient scale. Such personalization increases efficiency, as well as engagement, by taking into consideration what each learner has already mastered.

How Does Adaptive Learning at Area9 Work?

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Whether you are an educator, publisher or company, Area9 Lyceum has a proven Personalized Adaptive Learning solution that can tailor to the needs of your industry. From training, certifications and professional development, to meeting educational objectives and building stronger skillsets - our platform is guaranteed to help.

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Area9 Lyceum can help enable an interactive learning experience through a range of tools and services ─ making your content exceptionally agile, relevant and actionable for any learner.
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See how your learners are progressing with our back-end tool that includes:

A way to manage all assignments

Learning paths for each learner

Advanced analytics

Time to learn!

our content is taught through personalized training at the point of delivery with our biological adaptive engine.

This real-time restructuring of the content ensures that the learner is faced with topics that are not too difficult, nor too easy. Rather, the adaptive biological engine keeps the individual on the most efficient path to proficiency, while simultaneously creating a positive and engaging experience.

Formative Assessment

Our adaptive approach teaches by asking questions. These probes drive the biological adaptive engine and provide a comprehensive assessment of the learner's understanding of the material.

Confidence Assessment

By selecting a confidence level for each answer, the learner reflects on their response - immediately improving their accuracy and cognition, but it also generates key data for the biological adaptive engine.

Recharge - personalized refresher to ensure maintenance of proficiency

The human brain requires multiple exposures to stimuli to build long-term memories. Our adaptive learning platform helps repeat exposure to each learner's most difficult learning items to "recharge" memories and drive understanding.

Learners will be taught through an interactive experience. With a progress bar, personalized coach, performance monitor, and projection outlook.

Our tools are guaranteed to get you to the path of proficiency.

Top benefits of Area9 Lyceums' Personalized adaptive learning platform





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Customers trust Area9 with their most sensitive data — from pre-release product training and competitive sales training, to confidential processes and procedures.

Our AWS-based platform takes advantage of Amazon’s highest security levels and based on customer requirements, we run additional penetration tests and security validation.



For seamless integration into third-party LMS’s, we publish directly to SCORM 1.2 or xAPI. In higher education, we additionally support LTI.

For authentication and user management, Area9 is fully compatible with OpenID Connect.


Every company is different, and so we offer flexible licensing: by user, by course, or a combination.

For larger customers and partners, we provide enterprise-wide licensing, and even revenue ­sharing models.


Benefit from a fully integrated cloud-based authoring, delivery and reporting system that can be used standalone, or integrated seamlessly into learning management systems. Whether your learners are on desktop, tablet or phone, our platform delivers your content in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Area9 utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure, cloud services platform for our clients who want a sophisticated yet flexible, scalable and reliable broad IT infrastructure option.

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“Training, on-boarding, and reskilling for diesel technicians must change to meet industry demands. Area9’s adaptive learning approach is transformational and critical to developing the next generation talent pipeline for diesel technicians."
Timothy Spurlock
President and Founder, American Diesel Training Centers