Our approach is grounded in scientific research and twenty five years’ experience. We have already served millions of learners in hundreds of subject areas, gathering billions of data points.

Is there evidence that Area9 Rhapsode™’s adaptive learning works?

Research Paper

Adaptive Learning in Healthcare

Adaptive learning is increasingly used in health care education as a way to improve competence, reduce knowledge gaps, expose and address unconscious incompetence, and enable safer and more effective care provision and delivery.

Overall, more than 2 million users in 2022 alone used Area9 Rhapsode as their basis for healthcare education – including physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, and others, and at all levels from students to experienced practitioners. Included in this group are learners who experienced adaptive learning as part of long-term partnerships Area9 established across the health care spectrum. As our white paper will show, there is evidence of the efficiencies and effectiveness to be gained from a personalized approach that meets learners where they are, establishes what they’ve learned already and what they need to master, and engages learners as they build competence.

Clients who trust us for their journey to the future of learning

We believe that technology is only powerful when designed to work for and with people; it is not an end in itself. Teachers, mentors and learners are not going to be replaced by technology – they are going to be complemented and accelerated. We are passionate about people fulfilling their potential.

Area9 Lyceum has been dedicated to helping our partners and clients find the best solution to deliver personalized learning at scale.

Expertise in what impacts learning

Through three previous versions of the platform, Area9 has made adaptive learning technologies that have empowered over 30 million learners and collected billions of learning data-points. Based on over 25 years of research in human factors, learning science and computer science, Area9 has pioneered learning techniques and has led in innovating and partnering with leading scientists on learning and education.

Area9 has the expertise in what really impacts learning.


“I have known Ulrik and Area9 for almost 10 years and I consider them to be excellent and very practically oriented entrepreneurs within learning. I suppose they have had a whole decade’s head start in their understanding of education technology, but unlike many other visionaries, they have developed systems that simply work.”

Education adviser and former President of McGraw-Hill Education

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