Adaptive learning
in four dimensions

AREA9 RHAPSODE™ deploys a radically increased use of artificial intelligence, cognitive engineering, analytics and learning technologies.

Our biological adaptive models are designed to work with an individuals four competencies to help them become autonomous and reflective learners.


What we know and understand


How we use what we know


How we behave and engage in the world


How we reflect and adapt

Area9 Lyceum’s Four-Dimensional approach to curriculum development covers education at all levels — K-12, post-secondary, vocational training, graduate school, professional development, and lifelong learning.

Because the digital era is changing not only how we learn, but what we learn, skills and character traits such as problem solving, creativity and adaptability are becoming increasingly more important.

“Four-dimensional education provides a clear and actionable first-of-its-kind organizing framework of competencies needed for this century.”

Charles Fadel
Founder, Center for Curriculum Redesign
Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Our adaptive learning model uses a personalized approach that replicates one-to-one interaction in a digital environment.

Personalization increases:

  • Efficiency and engagement
  • Knowledge retention
  • Communication and critical thinking

See how our Area9 Lyceum’s
Adaptive Model works

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