The Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards 2021 were handed out in the categories of Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Sales Performance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Future of Work.

The Area9 Lyceum GmbH and AUDI AG were awarded silver twice.

Area9 Lyceum – market leader in adaptive learning – won in a joint effort with Audi the sought-after Brandon Hall Group silver Award for Excellence in the categories

  1. Best Advance in AI for Business Impact
  2. Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program.

The awards were handed out on the 19th of August 2021.  All winners can be found under this link.

To co-shape the change towards a new age of mobility, Audi employs a strategy allowing it to stay competitive and fulfil the demands for mobile experiences of its clients. In the time of the fully electronic e-tron car, Audi Connect is not a “nice-to-have” anymore but a “must-have”. This means Sales personnel and clients must be included. Instead of conventional “one-size-fits-all” sales trainings Area9 Lyceum and Audi jointly implemented A.I. based adaptive learning to optimize the learning success of the sales team. The Audi Connect Program is a tailored, highly personalized learning program, which is sensitive to a much often overlooked obstacle for successful learning: Unconscious Incompetence and Unconscious Competence.

“Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021 provide much-needed and well-deserved recognition to organizations that went above and beyond to support their stakeholders during the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brandon Hall Group COO and leader of the HCM Excellence Awards Program Rachel Cooke.

A jury consisting of experienced, independent senior industry experts, as well as senior analysts and business leaders of the Brandon Hall Group judged the contribution based on these categories: fulfilling demand, Design of the Program, functionality, innovation and measurable success.

“We added several awards categories this year to specifically address critical needs, including how organizations addressed the new dynamics of work and embedded the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in their HCM practices,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said.

Area9 Lyceum

Area9 Lyceum brings together more than two decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and corporate education. As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning. A mastery-based approach enables learners to become proficient in the knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to them, their teams, and organizations. The technologies developed by Area9 are used by millions of learners of all ages and by leading organizations and companies around the world.


AUDI stands for sporty cars, high-quality construction and advanced design – for “Vorsprung durch Technik (Being ahead through Technology). The AUDI company is one the globally leading car manufacturers. To shape the new age of mobility, AUDI implements its strategy step by step.

Brandon Hall Group

The Brandon Hall Group is the only professional development firm, which offers data, research, insights and certifications for leaders and organisations in the area of learning and talent. The best minds in human capital Management decide to join the Brandon Hall Group, to design tested development plans for future generations. In the last 28 years Excellence around the world has been promoted, recognized and certified, thereby influencing the development of over 10.000.000 employees and business leaders. The HCM Excellence Awards are the first which honoured organisations for learning and talent, and are therefor the gold standard, known as “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management”.