Co-Developed NEJM Knowledge+ Adaptive Learning Platform Recognized for Delivering Personalized Learning for Clinicians at Scale

November 22, 2018

Area9 Lyceum and NEJM Group were among the honorees at the prestigious Learning Technologies Awards ceremonies recently held in London. Area9 and NEJM Group were awarded bronze in the category of “Best Learning Technologies Project – Public & Non-Profit Sector” for NEJM Knowledge+, which was acknowledged as having transformed continuing professional development for clinicians.

NEJM Knowledge+, built on Area9’s Adaptive Learning Platform, is a first-of-its-kind smart technology designed to meet the training and development needs of clinicians.

The Learning Technologies judges praised NEJM Knowledge+ as a high-impact example of delivering personalized learning at scale.

NEJM Knowledge+ has been recognized for its effectiveness in preparing clinicians for board exams, earning CME and MOC, and engaging in lifelong learning. A recent study showed that NEJM
Knowledge+ users in the U.S. (during 2014-2016) passed the ABIM-CE on their first attempt at a significantly higher rate than the national average (95% vs. 89%).

NEJM Group (a division of The Massachusetts Medical Society, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine) and Area9 partnered in 2013 to launch NEJM Knowledge+, which to date has more than 18,000 users.

NEJM Group creates highest-quality medical resources for research, learning, practice and professional development designed to meet the demand for essential medical knowledge among academic researchers and teachers, physicians, clinicians and others in medicine and health care.

The judges stated: “For any organization looking to understand the use case and implementation of machine learning, this is a go-to project. The solution is on the surface simple (which makes
it easy to use for the learner) but sophisticated in its application of logic and rigorous testing. The impact data was also some of the most robustly collated we have seen.”

As an adaptive learning platform, NEJM Knowledge+ adapts to clinician’s learning goals, pace, and knowledge gaps and delivers the information each clinician needs. For time-starved doctors
with demanding jobs, the adaptive approach of NEJM Knowledge+ has been shown to be more effective and efficient compared to traditional board certification preparation. NEJM Knowledge+ uses research-proven methods to accelerate proficiency, continuously sharpen skills, and promote lifelong learning.

The New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Journal Watch, and NEJM Knowledge+ are produced by NEJM Group, a division of the Massachusetts Medical Society. For more information, visit nejmgroup.

Area9 Lyceum leverages more than 20 years of research to identify the human factors that influence learning, such as when students prepare for medical exams or health-care professionals prepare for continuing medical education. Other key industries include aviation, defense, heavy industry, telecommunications, professional services and higher education.

Area9 Lyceum recently launched its fourth-generation adaptive learning platform, Rhapsode – the world’s most advanced learning technology.

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