The 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology Area9 and Swisscom Win Gold

Area9 Lyceum, a leader in innovative adaptive learning, and Swisscom, Switzerland’s main telecom Operator, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” category. Area9’s win was announced on December 10, 2020.
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Adaptive learning technology is built on learning science principles, and focuses on the knowledge and skills that employees do not possess or are less confident about. The adaptive technology of Area9 RhapsodeTM makes it possible to maximize every minute spent for each individual learner. Most companies already have a learning infrastructure in place that includes some form of traditional e-learning. But these e-learning programs often lack the specificity that would make them valuable to individual employees. By replacing ‘one-size-fits-none’ e-learning with personalized adaptive e-learning, companies can rapidly increase employees’ effectiveness and “conscious competence”, and decrease time to proficiency.
Swisscom adopted Area9‘s approach to their new learning program ‘Skill IQ‘ – a bespoke multi-stage and highly personalized learning program that sensitively addressed a barrier to success that is so often overlooked – unconscious incompetence in Sales and Distribution departments. The program was heavily informed and designed by data analytics from the Area9 learning platform Area9 RhapsodeTM.

“Technology is the great enabler of human capital management initiatives. It has never been more important than during this rapid evolution of remote work that challenged everyone to instantly adapt,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and awards program head Rachel Cooke. “Winners of Excellence in Technology Awards are critical drivers of their organizations’ success, especially in these disruptive times. Their solutions resulted in substantial benefit to their business and the human capital management function. That is the ultimate differentiator: the positive business impact of technology.”

“The Excellence Award in Technology also emphasizes the value of collaboration between HCM leaders, business leaders and technology developers. To win, everyone must work together to meet the needs of all stakeholders, especially the end-users. Technology Award winners met this challenge and created value for everyone,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke.

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based upon the following criteria:

Product: What was the product’s breakthrough innovation?
Unique differentiators: What makes the product unique and how does it differ from any competing products?
Value proposition: What problem does the product solve and/or what need does this product address?
Measurable results: What are the benefits customers can expect to experience as a result of using this product?


About Area9 Lyceum
Area9 Lyceum builds 21st century skills and competencies through the world’s first four-dimensional learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode™. Based onmore than 20 years of research into human factors and cognition, our AI-based platform delivers truly personalized learning at scale -cutting training time in half, guaranteeing proficiency and making lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.

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