Area9 Lyceum is proud to collaborate with the Ostschweizer Schulungs- und Trainingszentrum (OSTZ) and VirtaMed to drive the groundbreaking project “Digital Transformation of Medical Education” in Switzerland. Initiated by OSTZ, this project utilizes the innovative Area9 Rhapsode CAPABLE™ platform to redefine medical training through adaptive learning, AI-driven personalization, and systematically aligned learning modules.

OSTZ integrates the technology to create a learning and training environment based on the Deliberate Practice concept, encompassing the four dimensions of knowledge, skills, character development, and metacognition, thus creating a unique learning ecosystem for medical education. This enables the provision of individual learning paths tailored to the specific needs and goals of each learner, offering pathways to mastery for resident doctors.

With the help of VirtaMed’s advanced simulators and Area9 Rhapsode CAPABLE™-platform, OSTZ offers practical training opportunities seamlessly woven with adaptive learning modules, classroom courses, and independent training. This collaboration ensures comprehensive training that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to maximize competency and patient safety.

Within the Proficiency project, close cooperation between Area9 Lyceum, OSTZ, and VirtaMed pursues a deeper integration of simulators with adaptive Area9 technology, aiming to enable more precise and personalized training in the spirit of deliberate practice. By applying evidence-based learning and training concepts, advanced algorithms, and adjusting to the needs and individual progress of each participant, we aim to elevate medical education to a new level of competency orientation and patient safety.

Together, Area9 Lyceum, OSTZ, and VirtaMed are setting new standards for proficiency in medical education, enabled by the synergy between innovative technology, dedicated expertise, and teamwork. Our collaboration marks a significant step toward enhancing professional competencies and elevating patient safety, embodying Area9 Lyceum’s commitment to leading the way in future-oriented medical training.