Area9 Lyceum WON silver at the Learning Technologies Awards 2020

November 18, 2020

Area9 Lyceum was among the honoree at the prestigious Learning Technologies Awards ceremonies recently held online. Area9 was awarded silver in this category:

Best learning technologies project – international public/non-profit sector

About the project: Covid-19 Courses for Health Care and Non-Health Care Professionals

When COVID-19 hit, misinformation was widespread. Early on in the crisis, Area9 partnered with NEJM Group, publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry to release a free, research-backed, adaptive course for healthcare professionals on the origin of COVID-19, how it is transmitted, symptoms and differences in severity, complications, diagnosis, and prevention.
The course massively exceeded usage expectations, with 80,000 physicians, clinicians and nurses taking the course over several weeks.
Area9’s adaptive (algorithmic, real-time personalization of content) approach identified that although participants correctly knew 63% of the subject (on average), they held misconceptions 31% of the time that had implications for patient care. The adaptive course corrected these misconceptions in 100% of participants who completed the course.

See what the judges had to say:

This COVID-19 project was very noble and worthwhile, and showed off a deeply impressive platform to great effect. The overall design, deployment method, adaptive assessment and content, speed of delivery and coaching elements are all notable, and have major implications for the democratisation of learning.“

Full list of award winners

About The Learning Technologies Awards 2020
Winners of the 2020 Learning Technologies Awards Revealed! Some amazing achievements in learning technologies were celebrated on 18 November 2020 as the winners of this year’s Learning Technologies Awards were announced in the online gala. Nearly 500 entries were received from all over the world and many of those shortlisted, and their teams and partners, joined online to celebrate. Deborah Frances-White and Tom Salinsky were on hand to announce the 74 gold, silver and bronze winners.

About Area9 Lyceum
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