Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine has won the seal in the “Continuing Professional Education” category at the Comenius EduMedia Awards 2023. The Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine utilizes advanced technologies and adaptive learning methods to enhance the knowledge and skills of laboratory professionals, ensuring they stay up to date in the field of laboratory medicine and diagnostics.

The Comenius EduMedia Award recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of high-quality educational resources. These awards highlight innovative approaches and exceptional contributions in the field of digital educational media. The Continuing Professional Education category, in which Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine excelled, honors programs that provide professionals with ongoing opportunities to expand their skills and stay abreast of the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine is designed for laboratory medicine professionals working in hospital and commercial clinical laboratories as well those practicing in the in-vitro diagnostics industry. Furthermore, the program is very useful to those undergoing training in one of the disciplines of laboratory medicine. The program is free of charge to individual users, to eliminate financial barriers and consists of >120 advanced and >80 Medical Laboratory Specialists courses that cover all aspects of laboratory medicine. These courses have been prepared, reviewed, and translated by >430 experts from around the world and are routinely updated.

“We are pleased to be able to support laboratory medicine professionals by providing personalized, efficient learning and enabling an entirely new, sustainable learning experience.”

Nader Rifai, PHD, Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School & Co-Editor, Learning Lab

The Comenius EduMedia Award is one of the most prestigious recognitions for digital educational media, honoring exceptional achievements in the development of educational resources.