This year’s eLearning Award in the category “Artificial Intelligence” of the eLearning Journal went to Area9 Lyceum and Sky Germany. The award was given for the “Sky Onboarding” project, which takes care of sales staff at Sky to train new products through the use of the adaptive learning platform Area9 Rhapsode™. The platform takes individual levels of knowledge and experience into account and enables young professionals and experts in sales to complete their training courses at their own pace and tailored to their needs.

The adaptive learning module adapts to the learner’s situation and only offers content when it is needed, so that learners are supported in exactly the areas where they need support. The digital form of the training makes this personalized learning experience possible for many participants – and makes it more efficient and effective. The project made it clear how AI-supported learning environments take learning to a new level: all learners achieve the required quality requirements and competencies are measurable.

The eLearning Award is presented annually by the eLearning Journal and honors the most outstanding projects from over 300 submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in more than 50 categories.