1st Franklin Financial Corporation (1FFC) was founded in 1941 to provide loans to local families to help make their way through life with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Today, 1st Franklin has more than 1500 employees in 315 loan offices throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, and is headquartered in Toccoa, Georgia.


  • Prior to COVID-19, 1FFC was planning a branch-wide business software update supported by week-long face- to-face training in local technical colleges
  • 1FFC had already begun the transition to blended learning (ILT plus e-learning) for other curricula, and COVID forced them to reconsider their software training approach as well. They were particularly interested in measuring their employees competencies


  • Prior to finding Area9 at the ATD International Conference, 1FFC had never heard of adaptive learning and were intrigued by the emphasis on learning outcomes and measurement
  • They have completely embraced the benefits that personalization provides and are converting all their security and compliance, marketing, sales and insurance licensing programs to be adaptive using Area9 RhapsodeTM


  • 1st Franklin has rolled out its first company-wide adaptive programs on anti money laundering, cash reporting and the Bank Secrecy Act and has achieved 100% demonstrated proficiency across the entire business. Completion times ranged from 1⁄2 hour to 31⁄2 hours, highlighting the different amount of support that each learner receives
  • 1st Franklin is moving all its online training to be adaptive, along with much of its instructor-led content; “Delegating for Growth” will be its next adaptive course

“Our strategy is founded on meeting the needs of individuals and their families. Adaptive learning gives each employee of 1st Franklin exactly what they need to be successful, and gives me the evidence that we are making a difference.”
Kay O’Shields
CLO – EVP Strategy, Employee and Organizational Development