Collins Adapt – Adaptive learning for primary and secondary schools powered by Area9 Rhapsode

Collins Adapt – Adaptive learning for primary and secondary schools powered by Area9 Rhapsode

Collins and Area9 Lyceum have forged a strong partnership since 2020, enriching education at primary and secondary levels. Over 2000 titles have been published through the adaptive learning platform Area9 RhapsodeTM, inspiring learning journeys across the UK. The content spans a vast spectrum, encompassing teacher-facing resources and student materials, ranging from foundational reading materials to dynamic adaptive learning titles tailored to every age group.

Introducing Collins Adapt, where personalized learning meets seamless integration for every student’s educational journey. Tailored to individual needs and learning speeds, Adapt empowers learners to thrive with confidence as they progress. Each session is meticulously crafted to elevate knowledge and drive tangible advancement with every interaction.

Teachers rejoice as Adapt seamlessly integrates into existing teaching methods, enhancing outcomes and fostering class-wide engagement. With built-in measurement tools, educators effortlessly track Adapt’s impact on student performance without the need for extensive teaching overhauls.

Adapt primary maths

Adapt primary math covers the national curriculum, follows a mastery approach and aligns with White Rose Math. Schools are utilizing Adapt primary math in a multitude of ways, e.g., SATs preparation, targeted intervention or practice and consolidation in class, to enhance the learning experience.

Adapt for Secondary

Adapt for Secondary meets the diverse needs of students across various subjects and levels. From Science to Maths, History to Geography, Adapt provides an array of resources to support teaching and learning. Schools are utilizing Adapt in a multitude of ways, e.g., regular homework, exam preparation or quick recaps, to enhance the learning experience.

We try to develop a growth mindset, and the Collins platform supports that in two ways: firstly, children must keep on going until they get the questions right. Secondly, because they must rate their own confidence for each answer given, it reinforces the message about not being afraid to admit they don’t know something.

Primary teacher

Adaptive Learning and Metacognition

Insights from Thornden School – part of HISP Multi Academy Trust, with University of Sussex Doctoral Research Case Study between April 2023-July 2023 | Part 1

Research at Thornden School, part of HISP Multi Academy Trust with the University of Sussex revealed the impact of adaptive learning and metacognition in KS3 Biology. Using the Adapt platform, learners developed mastery-based metacognition through deliberate practice and reflective questioning. This approach shifted focus from rote learning to mastery, empowering learners and fostering deeper understanding. Equity-based learning objectives facilitated significant metacognitive development, while the Open Learner Model helped teachers support students’ specific challenges. Dialogue and collaboration among peers and teachers played a crucial role in metacognitive growth. Overall, the study highlighted the effectiveness of adaptive learning and metacognitive strategies in enhancing science education, promoting critical thinking, and fostering a collaborative classroom environment.

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