SparkNC - a whole new way to do school

SparkNC - a whole new way to do school

SparkNC collaborates with school districts throughout North Carolina to pilot innovative teaching and learning methods, expediting students’ advancements along pathways leading to careers in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SparkNC partners with Area9 Lyceum to provide a personalized approach to learning for students

  • Learner-centered: SparkNC underscores the significance of personalized learning and endeavors to craft educational experiences uniquely tailored to the specific needs and interests of each student.
  • Competency-based: The use of Area9 Rhapsode CAPABLE™ enables personalized pathways for students. Progression occurs at the learner’s individual pace, with assessments focusing on the demonstration of mastery in specific skills and knowledge. This competency-based approach empowers students to assume control of their learning journey and chart personalized paths toward high-tech jobs that align with their distinct interests and goals.

SparkNC and Area9 Lyceum effectively bridges the divide between education and industry, tackling the challenge of unfilled high-tech positions while offering learners valuable experiential learning opportunities.

SparkNC, utilizing Area9 Rhapsode CAPABLE™, has been spotlighted in the national report “Ecosystems for the Future of Learning.”

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