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In this course you will learn:

  • Early Problem Recognition: Know the definition of a problem and problem-solving, understand the 80-20 Iceberg Rule, recognize early symptoms of common problems, conduct gap analysis, apply four techniques for problem recognition data collection, implement three steps for initiating a formal problem recognition process, and apply steps for moving forward
  • Four Stages of Creative Problem-Solving: Understand effective problem SOLVER behaviors and attitudes, apply the four stages of a systematic problem-solving process, and implement 10 creative problem-solving techniques
  • Defining and Analyzing Problems: Accurately Understand the importance of accurate problem-solving, accurately define a problem in nine ways, and analyze and identify root causes
  • Confident Decision-Making: Make better decisions more quickly, apply the four stages of decision-making, implement and monitor an action plan, discover your decision-making style, and implement logical and intuitive decision-making techniques
  • Crisis Resolution: Understand the difference between a crisis and a problem, know the main causes of crisis, identify characteristics of organizational crisis, apply six steps to crisis resolution, and use crisis modeling to increase crisis efficiency