Area9 Lyceum is committed to helping people reach their full potential. Our adaptive learning technology is grounded in scientific research and twenty-five years’ experience; serving over 30 million learners across hundreds of subject areas, gathering billions of data points.

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TrackMan University Highlights:

  • STAND OUT: With insights from the very best in the industry, it carriers a certain weight to know that more than 800 Tour players develop their talent on TrackMan’s technology. Knowing the science and terminology behind it gives you an edge nowhere else to be found.
  • TRACKMAN CERTIFICATIONS: Being TrackMan certified has many upsides. For one, it means you really understand the basics of ball flight laws, which is imperative to any teaching and learning situation. it also mean you’ve given yourself a better chance of success.
  • TRENDING COURSES: How do I increase my Smash Factor, and how do I control my Dynamic Loft are popular courses, as is Spin Rate with all its components