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Experience adaptive learning for yourselfComplete the form below to be instantly redirected to Area9 Rhapsode™ where you will have access to the VKNOW course. VKNOW was designed to educate wine lovers in a fun and non-pretentious way. Wine culture can be intimidating, but with VKNOW it doesn’t have to be.


Let us at VKNOW be your guide. We’ll teach you the most important things you need to know about wine to become a pro. In this course you will learn:

  • Production and Structure: Understand wine production including aging, structure in wine including ripeness, alcohol, tannins, phenolics, acidity and fruit
  • Red Wine: Identify and describe red grades from California, Italy, France, Spain, and the Southern Hemisphere
  • White Wine: Identify and describe red grades from California, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Austria
  • Sparkling Wine: Recall the processes for making sparkling wine, describe the carbonation and second fermentation methods and understand the traditional and ancestral methods.
  • Rosé Wine: Understand methods of Rosé production and style including Direct Pressing, Saignée and Blending
  • Late Harvest and Fortified Wines: Understand the methods of production and corresponding styles for Fortified wines, Sweet (Port method) and Dry (Sherry method)
  • Service: Describe the ideal conditions for long term storage, the appropriate serving temperatures, how to open wine table-side, understand how to make recommendations, and the different type of glassware