From technicians to dealer sales, employees need training to achieve success in the automotive sector, where technology evolves quickly and products change frequently. Area9 helps your employees gain the extensive knowledge they need to be productive more quickly than ever.

“Training, on-boarding, and reskilling for diesel technicians must change to meet industry demands. Area9’s adaptive learning approach is transformational and critical to developing the next generation talent pipeline for diesel technicians.”

Timothy Spurlock
President and Founder, American Diesel Training Center

Evolving technology and the school-to-work gap mean that skilled workers are difficult to find and hard to retain. Retraining workers is an option, but historically has been expensive. What’s needed is a way to do cost-effective competency development at scale. The approach should work equally well for new entrants to the workforce and experienced workers, and automatically take advantage of the knowledge and skills they bring.

Welcome to the world of adaptive learning, from Area9 Lyceum.

Our cutting-edge technology adapts to the needs of every learner, personalizing their experience to slash time to competence. Area9’s adaptive platform transforms your training content across functions, from automotive dealer sales teams, to mechanics and technicians, to the back office.

And for those needing industry-leading third-party content, Area9 has partnered with CDX Automotive, the world’s leading provider of interactive and experiential automotive curriculum for light vehicle, medium/heavy truck, and bus technician training.

By taking advantage of Area9’s incredible adaptive learning technology, added to CDX’s industry-leading content, your employees can master critical skills in half the time of other approaches, in a way that is personalized to them based on their current skills and experiences.

Whether it is for diesel mechanic training, OSHA compliance, or your own proprietary content, Area9 Learning’s adaptive offerings build skills faster, more cost effectively and with guaranteed proficiency.

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