From licensing via FINRA, NASAA, FCA or other national and state bodies, to product training, to initial onboarding, employee development has a massive impact on the top and bottom lines of the business. Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning gives you the biggest return.

We have worked purposefully to find a partner who can offer a platform that matches our ambitions to deliver effective, targeted, relevant and documentable competence development to our students, owners and customers. And that partner is Area9. The platform allows us to lift our education to a new level that meets - and exceeds - our customers' expectations; Saving time while getting better learning creates better conditions for the core tasks.

Helle Havgaard
CEO of the Insurance Academy

Employees in financial services and insurance have some of the highest training needs of any industry. The demands of AML and KYC are pushing employees to know ever more to limit risk and exposure for the business. How do you know your employees are competent, and how do you minimize time in training?

“Our strategy is founded on meeting the needs of individuals and their families. Adaptive learning gives each employee of 1st Franklin exactly what they need to be successful, and gives me the evidence that we are making a difference.”

Kay O'hields
1st Franklin Financial Corporation (1FFC)
CLO - EVP Strategy, Employee and Organizational Development

Adaptive learning accelerates time to competence. By personalizing learning in real-time, Area9 Rhapsode™ avoids teaching material your employees already know – reducing time to competence by 50%.

And by focusing on what employees need – filling gaps in skill and knowledge and overcoming misconceptions – every employee becomes more competent compared to traditional e-learning or classroom training.

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