Energy & Renewables

Whether it is a downturn in oil prices, or surging demand for natural gas and renewables, pressure on workers in the energy sector has never been greater.

Area9 Lyceum announces their new partner, RelyOn Nutrec: bringing adaptive learning technology to the energy sector globally

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“Area9’s adaptive platform and approach allowed us to reduce learning time by 48% in one of our Safety & Environment sectors, providing our learners with only what they needed in a personalized learning pathway, giving them credit for what they already knew, allowing us to move away from just a ‘tick-box exercise’ and allowing them to focus on delivering value in their business through their day job.This is just the start, we plan to scale-up adaptive learning globally across many of our learning portfolios and are excited about the impact to our business in terms of time and $$$ savings, as well as our learning communities to ‘provide a personalized experience with the right learning, where, when and how our learners need it’!”

Angela Richards

Learning & Development Lead at Shell

We understand that in downturns and upswings, productivity matters. When scarce skills are in high demand, fast retraining can make the difference, and improving productivity helps when resources are tight.


RelyOn Nutec is a global firm dedicated to protecting people, assets, and the environment. In the July 2021 issue of Europe & Middle East Outlook hear from RelyOn Nutrec’s CEO Torben Harring as he discusses propagating competence and compliance through cutting-edge technology.

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Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning platform reduces time spent in training while boosting proficiency – giving a double boost to productivity. Educate and engage your employees and improve the performance of your organization today.

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