Educate and engage your food production employees as well as improve the performance of your organization.

Onboarding new production employees can be terribly inefficient. Day one on the line, then into the classroom, then back to the line, then back to the classroom. What if some of your new employees are experienced, while others are novices? How can you easily optimize their learning so they can produce quality product, first time, every time?

Welcome to adaptive learning for food production and manufacturing, from Area9 Lyceum.

Today’s food production companies have an ever-growing need for training.

  • Workforce safety
  • Production quality guidelines
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Retail

Area9’s platform adapts to each learner, and works with any type of training content, for any subject – giving you maximum benefits with ultimate flexibility.

By accessing your training content through Area9’s adaptive learning platform, every employee gets a personalized learning program automatically.

The system measures proficiency moment-to-moment, and optimizes the learning based on their demonstrated skills and experience.
And for ongoing quality control and improvement, our mobile observational assessment tool links directly back to the training – so employees receive actionable feedback at the optimal time.

Whether it is for process, system, health or safety training, Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive technology ensures your production workers will be top performers – every time.

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