Restaurants and Hospitality

In an industry where “good” is never good enough, train your employees to be great with Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning platform.

Focus on customer service, compliance legislation, food safety, and virtually any type of training that makes your business unique.

“As we continue to develop our managers and front-line employees, the need to ensure they have the confidence and knowledge required has never been greater. The landscape of our business is constantly changing which means we rely on Area9’s Adaptive Learning technology to rapidly author, deploy, adjust, and evaluate curriculum.”

Rob Craig
Manager, Training + Development

Earls Kitchen and Bar

In food service, bar service, or the front office, it’s not enough to have staff with a great attitude. They need to be skilled in your products and your processes, and live your culture.

What’s the best way to ensure your employees are always proficient in a fast-changing environment? Adaptive learning from Area9 Lyceum.

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