Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive technology provides wide-ranging benefits across every industry. Here are a few specific sectors that are especially well suited to the adaptive learning approach.

We bring software, workflows and expertise in learning pedagogy to help organizations across the education sector organize and develop market-leading learning content and experiences.
Founded more than 20 years ago by physicians, we understand the needs of healthcare professionals.
From technician to dealer sales, where technology evolves quickly, employees need training to achieve success. Solve automotive skills shortages efficiently and effectively.
Pressure on workers in the energy sector has never been greater. In downturns and upswings, productivity matters.
Educate and engage your food production employees and improve the performance of your organization.
Food Production
From the factory floor to global commerce, adaptive learning drives performance.
Focus on customer service, compliance legislation, or virtually any type of training that makes your business unique.
Restaurants and Hospitality
Provide your staff with the latest product updates, procedures, sales techniques and more in half the time.
Whether it is mechanic training, OSHA compliance, or your own proprietary content, Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive offerings are the ideal solutions.
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“No-one has done anything like this. It has been received extremely positively by everyone. We are looking to expand the use of Area9’s adaptive engine to train our customers on both the theory and the product itself, not only in golf but as we move into other areas like baseball and soccer.”
Klaus Estrup-Jørgensen
CEO and Co-Founder, Trackman