Defense and Cyber Security


As cyber technology continues to change rapidly, continuous updates and ongoing learning are critical to prevent attacks and heighten security. Improving cyber-security involves many aspects of national security, including detecting and preventing money laundering and other financial crimes.

Group Captain (Rtd.) Afzal Ashraf, Ph.D., QCVS


Everyday military around the world is faced with high unit costs because of the advances in hardware which also require more training. Adaptive learning can optimize the learning process and create efficiency with our state-of-the-art Rhapsode Platform that adapts moment-by-moment to meet the individual needs of each learner.

Content Curation

Technology in the military is changing rapidly with continuous updates which means that learning is critical to prevent attacks and stay military ready. By learning digitally you can save time, lower costs on training, and trust that your team is equipped with they knowledge they need.

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Measuring Outputs

Force readiness state – 90% of crews need to be up to date in order to deploy. Our adaptive learning platform is able to measure every learner and provide validated data on training effectiveness.

Adaptive Learning – The efficiency training solution for military and defense in counter-terrorism and financial crimes

Detecting, preventing, and prosecuting terrorism activities, terror finance, and money laundering is a top priority in international security. As threats escalate globally, experts seek to deepen their understanding of how terrorism networks operate and how these operations are financed.

To improve counter-terrorism readiness and financial crime detection, Area9 Lyceum has developed specialized adaptive learning-based training for a defense organization. The course is specifically designed to educate military and defense personnel on terrorism threats, financial crimes, money laundering, and terrorism finance to improve detection and prevention of such illegal activities.

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