Based on over 10 years of experience in the publishing world, Area9 Lyceum has developed Rhapsode PUBLISHER™
a complete end-to-end publishing system that creates digital and print simultaneously.

“I have known Ulrik (CEO) and Area9 for almost 10 years and I consider them to be excellent and very practically oriented entrepreneurs within learning. I suppose they have had a whole decade’s head start in their understanding of education technology, but unlike many other visionaries, they have developed systems that simply work.”

Peter C. Davis
Education Advisor and former President of McGraw-Hill Education

In a world that is overflowing with accessible free content, publishers have distinct market advantages, including their high-quality content, publishing teams, and sales forces.

The challenge, however, is that highly curated content developed over decades is trapped in file formats that were made for print, using developmental processes that predate digital. Reusing that wealth of content has been impossible—until now.

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Area9 Lyceum has a proven track record in building the teams, processes architecture and operational technologies at an unprecendented, high level of impact in the publishing industry.

We have built learning technologies and our processes have powered the learning of over 20 million students in over 2,000 products, that collected billions of learning data-points.

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“Four-dimensional education provides a clear and actionable first-of-its-kind organizing framework of competencies needed for this century.”
Founder, Center for Curriculum Redesign
Visiting Scholar, Harvard University