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“Area9’s platform allows educators to see the whole person—their experiences and traits such as kindness, creativity, and resilience. This moves learning beyond grades and assessments to the pursuit of mastery and lifelong learning.”

Principal at Thomas's London Day Schools

“Area 9’s Capable takes online adaptive learning to a whole new level. It is an extraordinary and unique online platform that enables students to learn essential academic content and foundational skills at their own pace, while also being able to record projects and other important learning experiences.

It enables teachers to track each student’s progress and deliver the help they need. This breakthrough product also provides educators with the tools to create new content as well as plug in existing high-quality materials from other sources.”

Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute
Former Expert in Residence at the Harvard University Innovation Lab
Author of ‘How Schools Change’, ‘The Global Achievement Gap’, and Creating Innovators’

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