Transfusion Medicine


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Karen Quillen, MD, MPH
Kerry O'Brien, MD
Dr Quillen disclosed no conflict of interest.
Dr O'Brien disclosed salary/consultant fees from DynaMed

Learning objectives:

  • Detail the pretransfusion compatibility tests required prior to blood product transfusion
  • Detail the different types of red blood cell crossmatch available and benefits of each
  • Discuss the importance of the ABO blood groups system and know the red blood cell and plasma compatibility charts for transfusion
  • Explain why the Rh blood group system is so immunogenic
  • Detail the most clinically relevant facts of the Kell, Duffy and Kidd blood group systems
  • Discuss the importance of specialized (Rh and Kell) matching prior to transfusion in patients with sickle cell anemia
  • Discuss the results of failing to detect a clinically significant red cell alloantibody prior to transfusion of red blood cells