Clinical Chemistry


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Darci R. Block, PhD, DABCC
Dr Block disclosed honorarium/expenses from AACC for a webinar on body fluid testing and Intellectual Property/Royalty Income from the sale of the book “Quick guide to body fluid testing” published by American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 2015

Learning objectives:

  • Differentiate between standard and non-standard body fluids
  • Describe collection and handling of various body fluids
  • Describe anatomy, production, and composition of various body fluids in physiological and disease states
  • Describe clinical utility of various analytes in various body fluids
  • Interpret results from measurements of analytes in various body fluids
  • Understand the following fluids: serous, pleural, peritoneal, pericardial, synovial, amniotic, cerebrospinal