Clinical Chemistry


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Mark Albert Marzinke, PhD, DABCC, FAACC
Dr Marzinke disclosed board/committee member/advisory board for Roche Diagnostics Inc

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the cytoarchitecture of the pancreas
  • Recall the digestive enzymes synthesized, stored, and secreted by the pancreas
  • Identify the components of pancreatic fluid, and its role in downstream digestion
  • Recognize the importance of pH in pancreatic enzyme activity
  • Describe how amylase and lipase are measured in the clinical laboratory setting
  • Stratify invasive and noninvasive tests to assess pancreatic function
  • Detail how laboratory tests can be used in the differential diagnosis of pancreatitis
  • Compare and contrast clinical presentation and laboratory findings associated with acute and chronic pancreatitis