Clinical Microbiology


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Ingibjörg Hilmarsdóttir, MD
Dr Hilmarsdóttir disclosed no conflict of interest
Sarah E. Kidd, PhD
Dr Kidd disclosed honorarium/expenses from Pfizer Australia

Learning objectives:

  • List principal fungal pathogens in the respiratory tract
  • Evaluate the morphological appearance and identification of hyaline septate molds in clinical specimens
  • Recognize the morphological appearance of Histoplasma capsulatum in clinical specimens
  • Identify yeasts that are inhibited by cycloheximide in culture
  • Evaluate the importance of species identification for dermatophytes
  • Explain the purpose of pretreatment of filamentous fungi before transfer to a MALDI-TOF-MS plate
  • Identify common technical challenges that are particular to fungal DNA detection in clinical specimens
  • Recall the sensitivity of blood cultures for the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis
  • Recall the sensitivity of serum cryptococcal antigen detection for the diagnosis of cryptococcal meningoencephalitis
  • Evaluate methods for the diagnosis of sporotrichosis