Clinical Chemistry


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Jessica M. Colón-Franco, PhD, DABCC
Jason Y. Park, MD, PhD
Khusbu Patel, PhD, DABCC, FAACC
Dr Colon-Franco disclosed no conflict of interest
Dr Park disclosed grant/research support from GLUT1 Foundation; Scientific Advisory Board Membership for Miraca Holdings; Intellectual Property/Patent/Royalty Income for TAK-264: Thomas Jefferson University, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Targeted Diagnostics and Therapeutics.
Dr Patel disclosed no conflict of interest

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the structure of antibodies
  • Describe the production of antibodies for analytical applications
  • Explain how antigen-antibody binding occurs
  • Describe immunoassay principles
  • Understand quantitative immunoassay methods
  • Understand qualitative immunoassay methods
  • Assess potential interferences and limitations of clinical immunoassays