Clinical Microbiology


Learning Lab for Medical Laboratory Scientists

Author information
Marc Roger Couturier, PhD, D(ABMM)
Blaine Mathison, BS, M(ASCP)
Dr Couturier disclosed grant/research support from Apacor, Diasorin, BioGX, salary from BioFire diagnostics and honorarium/expenses from Apacor. 
Mr Mathison disclosed board/committee membership/advisory board for College of American Pathologists and honorarium/expenses for American Society for Microbiology; American Society for Clinical Pathology; Jacksonville Area Microbiology

Learning objectives:

  • Understand specimen collection, transport and staining
  • Describe blood parasite identification
  • Identify intestinal protozoa and microsporidia
  • Identify arthropod ectoparasite
  • Identify nematode and other structurally similar organism
  • Identify flatworm (Trematode/Cestode)
  • Describe non-morphological detection methods and cultures for parasites
  • Identify parasites found in large organs, tissue, or other body fluids