Transfusion Medicine


Learning Lab for Medical Laboratory Scientists

Author information
Kerry O'Brien, MD
Dr O'Brien disclosed salary/consultant fees from DynaMed

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the platelet products currently available for transfusion in the United States
  • Detail the particular storage conditions and shelf-life that make platelets a very limited resource
  • Reveal the clinical benefits of prestorage leukoreduction and irradiation of platelets
  • Discuss the platelet transfusion thresholds in adults that have been published by the AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks)
  • Explain the platelet transfusion thresholds in the pediatric population
  • Detail the contraindications to platelet transfusion
  • Describe the immune and non-immune causes of platelet refractoriness
  • Detail the laboratory evaluation for platelet refractoriness
  • Discuss the management of the thrombocytopenic patient with alloimmune platelet refractoriness due to HLA antibodies