Clinical Chemistry


Learning Lab Advanced

Author information
Rav Sodi, PhD, CSci, EuSpLM, FRCPath
Lynn A. Brunelle, PhD, DABCC
Nicole V. Tolan, PhD, DABCC
Drs Sodi and Brunelle disclosed no conflict of interest
Dr. Tolan disclosed grant/research support and salary/consultant fee from SCIEX and SCIEX (to BIDMC)

Learning objectives:

  • Classify vitamins based on solubility in water or fat
  • Recall common and chemical names and structure of all major vitamins
  • List common food sources of the vitamins
  • Describe the absorption, metabolism and functions of vitamins in the body
  • Describe classic diseases related to vitamin deficiency and their biochemical investigations
  • Describe vitamin toxicity and how to investigate this
  • List analytical principles for vitamins