What is Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine?

Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine provides continuing education materials for professionals and trainees in Laboratory Medicine. The material in your monthly subscription will cover all disciplines of Laboratory Medicine; General Lab Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology & Coagulation, Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics and Clinical Immunology in seven separate, curriculum-based Programs. Each program, written and edited by leaders in the field, will consist of approximately 20 Courses addressing different topics in that discipline.

What is the Learning Lab Adaptive Learning Platform?

Traditional options for lifelong learning and proficiency are inefficient, ineffective, and unrewarding. Now there’s a better way. At the heart of Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine is a smart, adaptive engine that helps you succeed by providing a personalized learning path that’s based on your responses to questions as well as your level of confidence in your answers.

Why is this adaptive learning method better?

Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine helps you learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge.

Using revolutionary adaptive technology that’s already been demonstrated to work for physicians for their maintenance of certification, each course adapts to your pace and knowledge gaps to deliver the information you need to know. The technology uses research-proven methods to help you accelerate proficiency and continuously sharpen skills regardless of your profession.

This adaptive-learning platform continually tailors your experience to your specific learning needs. It ensures you don’t waste time on content you already know. Instead, it delivers material to you on those subjects where you need reinforcement and keeps you focused until you achieve proficiency. You’ll even retain knowledge better.

It’s new. It’s fun. Plus, best of all, it works. Experience how adaptive learning helps you tackle the challenges of lifelong learning and building proficiency so you can get and stay ahead in your career.

Is there evidence that adaptive learning works?

Research article from 09-15-2020
Physicians who used NEJM Knowledge+ had significantly better performance on their ABIM Internal Medicine exams than well-matched controls.

Research article from 11-11-2019
This study examined a large ~160 internal medicine residents training program that previously had poor In-Training Exam results, significantly improved results; the data was collected over 8 years:

NEJM editorial from 04-18-2019
NEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids — A New Adaptive Learning Module

Research article from 06-08-2018
This study anonymously surveyed 4,400 NEJM Knowledge+ users between 2015 and 2017 to determine their level of satisfaction with NEJM Knowledge+ and their board-exam passage rate:
https://www.mededpublish.org/manuscripts/1788 with comments in a blog from NEJM Group: https://knowledgeplus.nejm.org/blog/do-adaptive-learning-board-review-products-help-candidates-prepare-for-certification-examinations/

Clinical Chemistry editorial from 12-01-2018

NEJM editorial from 04-24-2014

Who is Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine for?

This product is designed for a wide range of clinical laboratory professionals including Clinical Pathologists, Clinical Chemists, Microbiologists, Medical Technologists and Laboratory Technicians who want an efficient and enjoyable way expand knowledge and build and maintain proficiency in a fast-paced, ever-evolving field. Learning Lab is an excellent way to help you get and stay ahead while building your career.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Simply click the Subscribe button on the upper right corner of the website.

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent directly to your own Learning Lab account with access to the entire library of courses.

The program also provides mobile access for subscribers on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets.

Where does the content come from?

Groups of MDs, PhDs, faculty, fellows, and residents, chosen from centers of excellence in each course area, wrote the laboratory medicine questions and learning resources. They then worked with their teams to refine the content.

Specialty editors provided a completely independent review of each question and learning resource, carefully examining content for veracity, clarity, and relevance.

Reviewers — master clinicians and educators — were charged with evaluating content for clinical relevance and verifying that the feedback was accurate and impactful.

Finally, the Editor, Nader Rifai, PhD, staff editors and proofreaders worked in concert to bring all of the moving parts together in a clear, concise, and accurate product.

Our editorial process ensures each content item is thoroughly scrutinized during multiple layers of review.

Can I earn Continuing Education (CE) credits?

AACC offers ACCENT® credit to laboratory professionals to document their continuing education.

AACC designates this online enduring material for 1.0 ACCENT® credit hours for every 8 questions answered correctly. AACC is an approved provider of ACCENT continuing education (CE) credit for clinical laboratory scientists licensed in states that require CE documentation. ACCENT credit is also recognized by several organizations including AAB, ABCC, ACS, AMT, ASCLS, ASCP, ASM, CAP, IFCC, and NRCC.

Due to limitations in reporting, Learning Lab modules are not currently accredited to offer credits for California, Florida, or Tennessee license renewal.

Learning Format: Enduring Material. Accredited Provider: American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Activity Number: 001-1700-402

What are the system requirements for the product?


In general, we support the two latest versions of major browsers:

  • IE11
  • Edge
  • Chrome (Recommended for best performance)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Systems Requirements

  • Win8+ with 4GB+ RAM
  • macOS 10.13+ with 4GB+ RAM
  • Android 9+ with 2GB+ RAM
  • iOS 12+ with 2GB+ RAM
  • Internet connection speed: Recommended 1Mbit/s+ for best experience

Screen Sizes

While the system will run in smaller screen sizes, 4.5″ (mobile) or higher is the recommended minimum sizes for the best experience.

I have the previous Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine app on my phone. Why does this no longer work?

We are no longer supporting the app. However your progress is stored and you can access the Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on your phone by logging in from the website using Progressive Web App technology.

Will I get a certificate of completion for the free Coronavirus Cytokine Storm and COVID-19 courses?

Certificate of completions will be issued when you complete both of the free COVID courses – Coronavirus Cytokine Storm and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Certificates of completion are not issued for the full course.

My name is wrong on the certificate, can I change it?

If you mistype your name during signup, you can change it in your user profile. However it is important you do this BEFORE we issue the certificate. This means you should take care to double check the spelling.

Unfortunately we cannot support changing names on already issued certificates for these free courses due to the high demand.

How do I cancel my subscription?

A full refund is applicable if requested within 30 days of subscription. Contact customer service to cancel and for processing.

Where can I go with additional questions?

We’re here to help, 24x7x365. Call 1-713-268-2096 or toll-free in the US and Canada at 1-888-250-2513. Or email learninglabsupport@area9.dk.