Whether you prefer an off-the-shelf leadership solution or a completely customized approach – Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive technology supports your organization as you prepare your leaders to thrive in the face of challenge or adversity.

Our partners trust Area9 Lyceum to provide optimized learning in support of critical leadership development needs:

Creating a purposeful leadership movement—a global network of leaders sharing their stories to inspire and build trust for the next generations.


KUNO Leadership Community’s philosophy acts as a foundation for a thriving leadership both personally and professionally that aligns leaders with their purpose and empowers you to be true to yourself. Regardless of culture, experience or industry, KUNO’s educational ecosystem is tailored for you and your organisation’s needs.

  • Be a part of something bigger and make a difference beyond the framework of your company.
  • A leadership that can make the world a better place.
  • Lead with a clear purpose and leave a strong legacy for yourself and for the next generations to come.


Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt founded KUNO Leadership Community in 2019 to build a global sense of trust for the next generation of leaders.

Eva-Lotta has 30 years of experience as an international leader, CEO and board member.

In addition to running KUNO, Eva-Lotta is on the board of the multinational company Metro AG in Düsseldorf, Elisa Corporation in Helsinki, and Tritax Euro Box PLC in London.

”I have a deep passion for people and their development. Leadership starts with having a sense of self and understanding that you are constantly evolving. You can then become an inspirational leader by finding your purpose and creating a positive impact on others. My leadership philosophy and the KUNO Method, encompasses a clear connection between leadership and business results. It evolved from experiences in different cultures and branches. It starts with you as a person and it works regardless of task or organisation.”

Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt
Founder of KUNO Leadership Community


Opportunity to create your own unique leadership story as well as integrate your own company-specific material into the training programme

  • Educational ecosystem adapted to your needs
  • Holistic business approach with sustainability, social responsibility and technology embedded as key topics
  • Universal leadership philosophy built on our founder’s real-life experience as an international executive leader
  • Opportunity to create your own unique leadership story
  • Unique network of leaders all around the globe working in a wide range of industries


Connecting and inspiring current leaders to act with global impact

The KUNO Leadership community has built an ecosystem all to be personalized to your company’s needs. We offer products and services, supported by the KUNO philosophy and method. It will encompass a clear connection between your business results and leadership development.

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Our partners trust Area9 Lyceum to provide optimized learning in support of critical leadership development needs:

Professional and Leadership Curriculum: Become a More Effective Professional and Leader

Containing over 15 off-the-shelf adaptive courses on soft skills leadership and development focused on essential skills and behaviors needed to lead others and be a constructive sponsor for meaningful change.

Adaptive learning with the Performance Assurance System™ will provide you with results to drive new behaviors, cultural change, and accountability.

Area9 Lyceum is excited to welcome two new partners with whom we will be offering off-the-shelf adaptive courses focused on leadership and development:

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