Area9 Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us, and we want to share information about how we gather and protect your data, and what we intend to do with it.
When you interact with the Area9-group (hereafter called ‘Area9’), through our software platforms, website, email, facebook pages or otherwise, we ask that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this policy. When required, you will be asked to give consent for any registration and use of your personal data. The Area9 entity will act as data controller

The Area9 group consists of; Area9 Lyceum ApS (Denmark), Area9 Lyceum Inc., (Delaware, US), Area9 Learning ApS (Denmark), Area9 Learning Inc. (Delaware, US), Area9 Inc. (Delaware, US), Area9 Innovation ApS (Denmark), Area9 Innovation Inc. (Delaware, US), Area9 Technologies ApS (Denmark), Area9 Labs ApS (Denmark).


We use cookies on our websites. You can block cookies (or not give consent to set them in your browser) however it will be less likely we can provide with the most relevant information and some functionality might require extra manual steps or be dysfunctional. However, you still have access and are welcome to use our websites without them.
The actual cookie types and their purpose will be described in detail on the consent pages of each of our websites.


Area9 strive to fulfill our obligations about protecting data trusted to us. We do employ industry standard levels of security to our systems, and apply encryption and other security techniques where applicable to ensure a reasonable protection.

Personal Identifiable Data

This covers any and all data that can identify you, either directly or indirectly.
If you use an Area9 Software platform, the exact data recorded will be listed on the consent and policy area of the platform.
On our public frontend we collect data (as name, contact data, Ip addresses etc.) processed from e.g. website usage, emails sent and opened, signups to newsletters and blogs. These data are used to facilitate interaction with customers and potential customers.
We do not process sensitive personal data.

Storing and access

All our employees that have access to your data, have been trained and instructed on how and what they are allowed to do with Personal Identifiable Data both under European Law and where applicable under US legislation.

We do store data using 3rd party data processors. Area9 has signed agreements with the vendors to ensure they ensure at least the same level of privacy. For exporting to 3rd countries (outside the European Union) we only utilize providers in countries approved to handle Personal Identifiable Data and/or that fulfill privacy shield obligations.

See detailed list of data processors in Appendix below.


Area9 Group will not share our data with 3rd parties – that is – we will not sell or in any other way give your data to other providers.
We do use 3rd party tools to keep data, but we have agreements with these vendors about our data that prohibits any 3rd party use.
If you login to an Area9 service using a single sign-on solution, your basic login and contact information can be shared between the services.

If required by law to share information about you, we will commit to minimize the sharing to the required level, and we will to the extent permissible tell users that are impacted.


Area9 Group store user data mainly in our technical platforms. These applications store a multitude of user data depending on the purpose of the platform. Each platform will individually describe the actual data stored and the specific purpose.
We also store data about our customers and potential customers. The information we store is contact information, correspondence and logging of interaction. We use this to make sure we keep track of our relationship, and have a cooperate memory, e.g. in case an employee leaves one or the other organization, to get in touch with newsletter, notification about new blog entries, and depending on our relationship and if required your consent, contact you with offers etc.


For each of our software platforms we publish the retention periods in the platform for you to see and understand the lifecycle of your data. For data outside our software platforms e.g. customer relationship data, we store them only for as long as it it legally allowed and it has a meaningful purpose.

This period varies grossly between the types of data, our relationship and legal requirements, so we cannot offer a single time period for all data types.


The personal data about you is yours – and we are happy to provide you with a copy of your data on request. We share your interest in the data being up-to-date and are happy to assist with getting a copy of the data, editing, restricting/changing consent to processing or even deleting the data on your request.

For each of our software platforms we provide contact details for you to request a copy of your date and to request deletion or corrections.

For general requests for information, and for customer relationship data please contact gdpr@area9.dk with data related requests.

Contacting Area9

Representing the Area9 group in GDPR matters, please contact
Area9 Lyceum ApS
Galionsvej 37
DK-1437 Copenhagen K
Cvr.nr. 39079976
Email: gdpr@area9.dk
Phone: +45 33110090
For the fastest response, please send email to gdpr@area9.dk.


Any complaints regarding the GDPR handling or processing of personal data by the Area9 group can be filed at the danish Datatilsyn at www.datatilsynet.dk.


Company name and address:Description of processing
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL
5 rue Plaetis
L-2338 Luxembourg
Data center provider and cloud provider of virtual computer power and software services
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Regions to utilize for end-user data:
  • Germany – AWS Region Frankfurt (EU)
  • Ireland – AWS Region Ireland (EU)
  • Asia Pacific – AWS Region Singapore (Non-EU)
  • US East – AWS Region Ohio (Non-EU)
Percona LLC ©

318 Blackwell St., Suite 150
Durham, NC 27701

Only relevant for specific region:

  • US East – AWS Region Ohio (Non-EU)
Area9 Technologies ApS
Company reg.no: 34489343
Galionsvej 37, DK 1437 Copenhagen K, Denmark
IT support and server hosting
Area9 Labs ApS
Company reg.no: 25167406
Galionsvej 37, DK 1437 Copenhagen K, Denmark
IT support and server hosting
Area9 Innovation ApS
Company reg.no: 36921897
Galionsvej 37, DK 1437 Copenhagen K, Denmark
IT support and server hosting
Area9 Lyceum ApS
Company reg.no: 39079976
Galionsvej 37, DK 1437 Copenhagen K, Denmark
IT support and server hosting
Area9 Lyceum GmbH
Company reg.no: HRB Leipzig 36178
Dittrichring 2, 04109 Leipzig
IT support, customer support
Area9 Excellence Center Europe OÜ
Company reg.no: 16293866
Maakri 19/2, Tallinn, 10145, Estonia
IT support, customer support