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We’re transforming the Learning Experience

A student-centered learning platform
for agile, relevant classrooms

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Design Personalized Learning

Create unique learning experiences for every student

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Facilitate Shared Learning Experiences

Promote interactive learning and collaborative projects

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We have a brand new K-12 platform that is only available to key partners and clients.

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    Design Personalized Learning

    • Allows educators to guide and monitor each student’s unique learning journey
    • Builds student confidence and self-awareness through inquiry and reflection
    • Supports learning experiences that foster character development and real world engagement

    Facilitate Shared
    Learning Experiences

    • Enables class discussion groups and community connections
    • Promotes dynamic, project-based learning experiences
    • Fosters skill development in peer communication and collaboration


    • Allows educators and students to evaluate learning against multiple competency frameworks
    • Empowers students to build out personal portfolios
    • Celebrates milestones through customizable certificates

    What Clients Say

    From all over the world.

    "Collins has been working in partnership with Area9 for three years, during which time we have benefited from their truly collaborative approach to making successful digital learning products for the K-12 market. We are excited about the advent of their new comprehensive learning platform, Capable, which is sure to be just as innovative and learner-focused."
    Lee Newman
    Publisher, Education at Collins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While Capable is in its early stages of development, the platform is fully-functioning and ready to deliver. We believe that powerful innovations require flexible thinking and continuous adjustment in response to real needs in real time. For this reason, we are seeking early adopters of the platform who are willing to embrace the sometimes messy journey of iteration, and at the same time gain the opportunity to influence development of a platform that best meets the needs of today’s teachers and learners.

    Yes, and more. The Area9 Capable™ platform offers a learning infrastructure with the relevant functions of an LMS, as well as the adaptability and agility of a learner experience platform. Because Capable offers more than a traditional LMS, it also requires a greater time commitment for administrators and teachers to become acquainted with the infrastructure, functionalities, and features. Capable can serve as a simple landing pad for classes and assignments, but also has the capacity to offer boundless artistic freedom and collaboration for those who seek a more dynamic teaching and learning experience and are willing to dedicate time to understanding what Capable can do.

    The Area9 Capable™ platform is designed with the teacher’s daily experience in mind. Teachers will need time and training to become familiar with the Educator dashboard, but they do not require a high level of technical skills to create and manage assignments. Teachers have access to a catalog of content, they can upload previously made content, or design and assign new content based on ongoing classroom interests and needs. A current focus of platform improvement is ease of assignment creation, whether an in-the-moment extension activity, or multi-step projects that include opportunities for collaboration and peer or educator feedback. We want Capable to do the heavy lifting of content management, not the teacher.

    Capable is not a standalone student information system (SIS), but it is designed to integrate with systems where SIS data such as student and family information, school schedules, fees, and grades are managed. Maintaining strict General Data Protection Regulation compliance, Capable manages and tracks student learning and skill development that can be shared among administrators and teachers, as well as with families. Capable has a rich collection of Learner data to help inform instruction, monitor student progress, and capture measures of growth. If a Student Information System is a university registrar’s office, Capable is the campus and classrooms where learning happens and progress is recorded in real time.

    While we believe learning is best measured by the learner proving her ability to apply what she has learned through demonstrations of mastery, we are also aware that our society still holds fiercely to a letter-based grading system. The power and proof in Capable’s demonstration of learning is mastery-based, but we are developing new ways of translating competencies into letter grades in response to institutional requirements.

    If you are only interested in a traditional grading system, then Capable is probably not the platform for you. If you are interested in how competency based education can work in conjunction with a traditional grading system, then we encourage you to join our journey of exploring how the two systems can coexist synchronously.

    Mastery-based education is an instructional approach where students must demonstrate knowledge and skills before progressing to the next task. This approach honors each learner’s pace and ensures the development of foundational skills before moving on to more complex topics. For teachers, this does require a shift from time-focused planning to content-focused planning. The pacing of the class and what students are working on is driven more by the students than a daily teaching plan. Teachers develop a more fine-grained understanding of student abilities, and students take greater ownership of their learning.

    Mastery-based education provides accountability for learning outcomes that will impact student’s future learning and tomorrow’s workforce. Mastery-based education is the foundation for learning that matters.

    Area9 Capable™ facilitates the demonstration of knowledge and skills while celebrating the unique nature of every learner’s path. Part of that skill development involves essential skills such as collaboration, reflection, and agency. Skills that are necessary to thrive as a valuable member of a global community. We see the variable as time, but the constant is that every learner can reach proficiency. Our platform provides the space for all learners to become CAPABLE.

    Yes. Capable supports inquiry-based projects for both individuals and groups that foster the development of critical skills and competencies such as collaboration, communication, and reflection. Capable projects also offer opportunities for developing critical feedback skills.

    Yes. The Capable platform is intentionally designed to support project-based, innovative, student-driven initiatives that foster community engagement and connection to the world in which students live. Capable effectively and efficiently brings the classroom digital world and the physical world together for learners.

    Yes; students are constantly working towards mastering the competencies determined by their teachers or schools. Competencies can relate to whole-character development, academic curriculum, or any other credit area you choose. As students complete activities that are associated with these frameworks, their levels of understanding grow and are reflected in their individual portfolios as well as on teacher dashboards to help support future learning

    Yes! Group-work and peer-review steps within projects are a great way to foster student communication. In these steps, students work together to submit a response or provide feedback to one another based on a rubric.

    The Communicator feature also offers a high amount of collaboration; here, students can participate in group discussions, share thoughts over a live whiteboard, create video sessions, and much more.

    We, of course, insist that you do! Capable offers all of the elements of a traditional LMS, and has many additional benefits to better serve students and teachers.

    Capable supports over 25 languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic. Content can be created in a specific language, or learners can choose their individual language directly on their dashboard, as determined by the organization.

    Area9 Capable™ meets the requirements for full General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. GDPR ensures that all data maintains a high level of security and privacy.

    Yes. Area9 Capable™ meets the Revised 508 Standards for Information Technology accessibility. Capable is an inclusive and accessible learning space for all.

    Yes. Capable is designed to be mobile friendly for both the educator and the learner.

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