Area9’s Rhapsode CURATOR™ is the world’s most advanced content curation platform.

  • A streamlined work-flow with intuitive authoring tools and templates.
  • A guaranteed fast, effective, and affordable content production process with high-quality results.
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We work with our customers and partners to build complete solutions for creating, curating, delivering and measuring learning.

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21st Century Curation Tools Powering 21st Century Learning
Adaptive courseware at scale
Building incrementally or across an entire portfolio
Collaboration with human teachers
(see Rhapsode EDUCATOR™)
A “go-mobile” strategy with “white-labeled” branded web and mobile apps
Creation of engaging content that improves outcomes, with data to prove it
Faster speed to market by leveraging existing process and content
The Benefits of a Modular Architecture
Easy integration with existing systems
Advanced image and video handling
Real-time preview
Content Development Through Powerful Built-in Workflows
Review Mode
Test Mode
Inline Suggestions
AI Based Content Authoring

Innovation Without
The Disruption

  • Curates content made outside and inside the tool, within organization and on the web
  • Integrates openly with third party systems using industry standards
  • Thinks global from the start, including Chinese and Arabic support
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