Based on over 10 years of experience in the publishing world, Area9 Lyceum has developed Rhapsode PUBLISHER™
a complete end-to-end publishing system that creates digital and print simultaneously.

Rhapsode PUBLISHER™ is a comprehensive fully integrated workflow and content development environment, supporting both print and digital content production.

“I have known Ulrik (CEO) and Area9 for almost 10 years and I consider them to be excellent and very practically oriented entrepreneurs within learning. I suppose they have had a whole decade’s head start in their understanding of education technology, but unlike many other visionaries, they have developed systems that simply work.”

Peter C. Davis
Education Advisor and former President of McGraw-Hill Education

  • Integrated print and digital workflow
  • Intelligent workflows supported by advanced algorithms and AI
  • Support for hundreds of tailored workflows
  • Workflows builder
  • Localization technology
  • Roles and permissons management
  • Customer support workflows
  • Right management

Area9 Lyceum has a proven track record in building the teams, processes, architecture and operational technologies at an unprecedented, high level of impact in the publishing industry.

We have built learning technologies and our processes have powered the learning of over 30 million students in over 2,000 products, that collected billions of learning data-points.


  • Customizable to be able to meet the needs from the smallest partners to the largest publishers and corporate learner departments.
  • Each company or partner will get a tailored solution that works seamlessly with their methods and existing systems.
  • Acknowledges the persistence of print, dramatically improving hardcopy production. Includes world class customer focus, service and support, including regional teams of instructional designers.
  • It is inspired by decades of research in human factors and the experience from building the largest content curation platforms globally.
  • The platform has been designed to remove the pain of managing from dozens to thousands of projects and publications.
Area9 Rhapsodetm
  • Area9 Rhapsode Heatmap includes the tools and the workflow to keep a product updated according to learning outcome
  • The publishers competitive advantage
  • Documentation that their product is highly effective as a learning resource
  • Documentation of an increased learning effect of new and improved editions
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