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At the cutting edge of both corporate and K-20 education is adaptive learning – the ability to deliver a truly personalized learning experience online. Our adaptive technology enables people to learn faster and more efficiently by addressing each individual’s strengths and weaknesses using cloud-based software that works at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and computer science.

Sales and Learning Solutions

We’re currently recruiting for a consultant to join an elite team (part braintrust and part rowing crew) that specializes in learning technology and expert performance (level commensurate with experience). This role advises prospects and customers on the value of adaptive learning, the optimization of their edtech stack, and the strategy for growing expertise in their organization. We’re creating a cohort of leaders conversant in learning science and analytics (or who have the industry background to become conversant in short order). This team assesses the current state of the customer and proposes a strategy to address critical needs in learner performance.

Partner Channel Development, North America

We’re currently recruiting for an expert in the management and development of partner relationships. You’ll join a unique organization with a robust network of global partners. This role will focus specifically on partner relationships in North America, working closely with our President of Strategy Initiatives and our North American leadership team. We’re creating an ecosystem of content partners, development partners, integration partners, and partners who are specialized by industry.