RALEIGH, NC and COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – VitalSource® and Area9 Lyceum today announced a new collaboration that will expand access to AI-driven, personalized learning solutions and bring new value to publishers and educational institutions by creating engaging, dynamic classrooms that support innovative teaching methods.

With Area9’s cutting-edge learning technology, educators now have instant insights into students’ comprehension and confidence across subjects, and publishers now have access to best-in-class courseware creation, and translation options. This partnership makes learning more connected and seamless for universities, instructors, and students with the introduction of Area9 Rhapsode™ through VitalSource Launch. Launch, VitalSource’s leading Integrations capability, seamlessly connects learning management systems, courseware & content distribution, and authentication, offering easy access to e-books and course materials with a single click and SSO.

“Area9’s partnership with VitalSource simplifies content use and enhances educational technology by prioritizing data privacy, engagement analytics, and secure, scalable solutions. It represents a major leap forward in meeting educational needs with superior accessibility and security standards via VitalSource technologies,” said Area9’s Chairman & CEO, Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen.

“At VitalSource, we are committed to bringing impactful learning experiences to students worldwide. We are proud to bring together Area9’s tools and VitalSource’s industry-leading platform,” said Alice Duijser, Vice President and Managing Director, International.

VitalSource powers content delivery across today’s Higher Education ecosystem, driving a Learning Advantage for every student. The value of Higher Education today is under scrutiny, shining a spotlight on the cost, inconvenience, and the uneven playing field when obtaining course materials. The shift from print to digital has opened the promise of affordability, equity, and a more engaging course materials experience, yet many Institutions and Content Providers still lack the right kind of modern delivery network to fully realize this promise. With unmatched global scale, unparalleled operational integrity, and insights, the VitalSource Learning Delivery Network helps Institutions and content providers close the Value Gap with meaningful digital-first programs that delight students and advance their success from Day One.

Area9 Lyceum’s mission is to help deliver the world’s best educational outcomes, validated by a long-term, scientific approach. With over 20 years of experience in learning science, AI, and content development, Area9 has proven scalable success in enhancing learner engagement and reducing content curation costs. Founded in 2018, Area9 has established a strong market presence in the US, UK, Scandinavia, and German-speaking countries, and has been active in Saudi Arabia since 2018. It expanded into India & Southeast Asia in 2020, forming global partnerships, including with VitalSource.


About VitalSource  

VitalSource Technologies, LLC is the leading education technology solutions provider committed to helping partners create, deliver, and distribute affordable, accessible, and impactful learning experiences worldwide. As a recognized innovator in the digital course materials market, VitalSource delivers extraordinary learning experiences to millions of active users around the globe through its affiliations with thousands of publishers, educational institutions, and resellers. Learn more at https://get.vitalsource.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Area9 Lyceum  

Area9 Lyceum brings together more than two decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and corporate education. As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning. A mastery-based approach enables learners to become proficient in the knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to them, their teams, and organisations. The technologies developed by Area9 are used by millions of learners of all ages and by leading organizations and companies around the world. Learn more at https://area9lyceum.com  

About Area9 Rhapsode™  

The cutting-edge technology in Area9 Rhapsode™ considerably augments the capabilities of traditional LMS’ with little-to-no integration overhead. Now, using Area9’s new generative AI platform Area9 MindFlow™ integration, clients can now build adaptive, personalized content that delivers measurably higher learner impact in significantly less time and with significantly less effort (3-10x) than traditional linear e-learning built using other tools.